Three Exercises To Bulk Up Your Triceps Fast

Published: 04th August 2009
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Though the arm is composed of multiple muscles, the most frequently used muscle in your arm is the triceps. Composed of three main muscles, the triceps give you the ability to pick up heavier loads. Powerful arms come from having large and well-built triceps. Triceps are basically the foundation for the arms and once developed will become a powerful entity of your body. You may have wondered what the reason is behind so many people doing workouts such as bench presses or military presses and the answer is because they are great workouts for the triceps.

Not only are large triceps aesthetically pleasing but working to strengthen your triceps most definitely results in having strong arms. Your arms length is comprised of 2/3 triceps muscle. That is most of your arm and therefore proves that the triceps is important if you want to become stronger. Strong arms come from strong triceps. Not that the biceps should be forgotten because building those will make your developing arms balanced.

Thee Triceps Exercises You Should Utilize To Build Your Triceps Muscles

There are three main exercises you can do that will build your triceps muscles. They are:

- Dumbbell exercises
- Rope pull downs
- Pushups

Remember, you should always be properly warmed up before starting any of these workout regimes. When you warm up, you are essentially preventing your body from unwarranted injury and giving yourself great results.

The most traditional of triceps exercises is a push-up. It certainly tones the muscle most efficiently. Triceps toning begins with a machine for doing rope pull downs. Machines work well for building triceps muscles. Toning triceps muscles begins with the dumbbell. The dumbbell can be used for increasing body resistance or loads. Also, the dumbbell can be used to do a similar, though more intense, workout as a rope pull down exercise. Just hold the dumbbell behind your head with both hands and then lightly pull the dumbbell in an up and down motion. You should be feeling your triceps flexing.

In order to have the right execution of these three simple triceps exercises, make sure you maintain the right posture. Also, don't focus on the how many reps you can do but how well the quality of your movement is.

Utilizing The Advanced Triceps Training To Push Yourself Further

If you're looking to stretch your muscles and get some mass on the lower and upper triceps, you are going to need to work with heavy weights or weighted dips. Upper triceps will be built as you do cable pressdown exercises and dips. Lower triceps will also be built by doing dips though these should be weighted dips. For the lower triceps you can do a partial dip (3/4 of a pull up), which will really concentrate the lower triceps muscle. Always remember to stand right. Proper posture is essential to proper muscle building.

Other Helpful Muscle Building Tips To Utilize

As always the importance of having a healthy, balanced diet when exercising will benefit your triceps training. The right nourishment will provide you with the energy you need to finish those challenging exercises. Be sure that you are getting enough rest each night. Exercising, regular rest and a balanced diet are important to having any sort of muscle gain.
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