How to gain muscle weight with high reps

Published: 15th June 2009
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Do you like to do an extraordinary amount of reps when you lift? It is not always recommended that you do this but if you want to build up your muscles by doing a lot of reps, then there are some things you need to know so that you be familiar with what exercises are good to stimulate your muscle growth.

How to Gain Muscle Weight - When To Use High Reps and When To Avoid Them - Exercises You Can Do

If you're a beginner, it's best to avoid doing high reps until later on. The biggest reason for this wait period is that most beginners do not have the strength capacity to do high reps. They also do not have the coordination or stabilization to sustain a routine for a significant amount of time. You do not want to become injured trying to increase your muscles. One more thing, if you are a beginner who is weak to begin with, you are not likely to do more than eight reps at any time. As you become more advanced and gain the strength you need, you will soon start to do high reps. High reps are wonderful tools to rouse the muscle growth where you want it.

Keep in mind that not every muscle group is going to be able to handle high reps and the ones that can be, should never be used repeatedly. Be sure that high reps follow a heavy set of exercising. You will want to do about five to eight reps with another 15 to 20 reps to end it.

Make sure that you comprise an exercise routine with squats and leg presses to build your muscles. These are great exercises to go along with heavy weights with high reps.

Another exercise on how to gain muscle weight includes deadlifts. However, you must maintain a perfectly arched back during the entire routine. Be sure to stay safe and to keep your reps at 12 or below. If you wish to do more deadlifts, consider rack deadlifts, as they are easier to maintain the form and are safer for most people, even for advanced bodybuilders.

Still need another high reps exercise? Consider the one-arm dumbbell row. With this exercise, you can row a 130 pound dumbbell for about 20 reps. When you do, you're bound to get much stronger than you thought possible.

It doesn't matter what multi joint compound exercise you want to go with as long as you do it with heavy weights with high reps. You just want to be advanced enough (usually two to three years into a routine) before you attempt doing any of the heavy weights with high reps exercises.

What does it mean by strong? It means you will be able to bench press almost two times your body's weight. You have to squat at least double your body weight and you want to deadlift two and half times the body weight (If you are close to the numbers that's fine too).

How to Gain Muscle Weight - Challenges and Training Partners

Consider holding high rep challenges with a training partner or two. Be sure that you pick a weight with reps of 12 to 15 that you can both do. When you compete, chances are you'll try to outdo the other person by going further than you intend. This is really the idea and it helps to get the exercise you want and going beyond to gain your muscles quickly.

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